The Ohio Wetlands Foundation has established a network of private and public partners that work together to complete stream and wetlands projects in Ohio. If you have a project that is not located within a mitigation bank service area, or a mitigation bank is not a suitable form of mitigation, please contact us to see if we have an individual (permittee-responsible) and/or consolidated mitigation project that will work for you. The Foundation completes these projects similar to our mitigation bank projects, providing you with the complete package, including:

  • Property/project search and acquisition, if necessary.
  • Preparation of the mitigation plan for submittal to agencies.
  • Identification of a long-term steward and managing partner.
  • Construction and planting of the project.
  • Monitoring and annual report submittal to permitting agencies.

Currently, the Foundation hasĀ four ongoing specialized wetlands and stream mitigation projects.

Little Stillwater

The proposed 86-acre Little Stillwater Wetlands Mitigation site is located in Franklin Township, Harrison County, Ohio. The site is bounded to the north by US 250 and to the south by Little Stillwater Creek. The mitigation site will be constructed on land currently owned by Harrison County board of Commissioners and has a potential for
approximately 45 acres of restored wetlands. The Foundation will design, construct, and manage the site for clients that require a substantial amount of mitigation (3+ acres typically) on a case by case basis for a negotiated fixed fee.

Hisey Park Stream and Wetland Restoration

(Huntington Corps District, Little Miami watershed)
The Foundation has restored over 10 acres of wetlands and completed plans for the restoration of over 2200 feet of stream restoration in the Little Miami watershed. Additional opportunities exist onsite.

Greater Youngstown-Warren Area

(Pittsburgh Corps District)
Ohio Wetlands Foundation has developed a successful relationship with land owners along the Yankee Creek riparian corridor. This relationship has yielded over 70 acres of restored or preserved wetlands and uplands habitat and over 1,670 feet of permanent preservation along Yankee Creek. The existing forested riparian corridor contains a mosaic of high quality wetlands and uplands and is inhabited by wood turtles, river otter, and Massasauga rattlesnakes.

Fish Creek

Due to the complex nature of the Inter-Agency Review process and the relatively small size of this site, the Foundation would consider making the Fish Creek site available as a individual or consolidated mitigation project. Please contact the Foundation if this meets your mitigation needs.