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Stream + Wetlands Foundation specializes in providing compensatory mitigation for impacts to aquatic resources, in large part through the establishment of mitigation banks, completing permittee responsible mitigation and serving as an in-lieu fee sponsor in order to provide high quality compensatory mitigation by protecting, enhancing, and restoring aquatic resources. Since our inception in 1992 as Ohio Wetlands Foundation, S+W has successfully completed many stream and wetlands restoration projects. These projects have included 12 mitigation banks, numerous “full delivery” permittee responsible mitigation projects and in-lieu fee projects. Since its inception, S+W has restored, enhance and protected more than 3,000 acres of wetlands and more than 150,000 feet of stream.

  • Aquatic Resource Mitigation Credits
    Mitigation credits are available through our in-lieu fee and mitigation banks in Ohio and North Carolina.
  • Permittee-Responsible Aquatic Resource Mitigation Projects
    S+W can provide a complete on-site or off-site mitigation solution when a mitigation bank or in-lieu fee program is unavailable or incompatible with the impacted aquatic resource. S+W can assist with every step of the mitigation process from planning to construction to monitoring and long term protection/management.
  • Partnerships with Public Entities and Conservation Based Non-Government Organizations (NGO)
    Every project completed by S+W has a public or NGO partner. Involvement can exist as a third-party easement holder, long-term land steward, or mitigation bank partner. See our list of partners for examples.
  • Endangered Species Habitat Mitigation
    S+W can help entities required to provide mitigation for loss of habitat for endangered or threatened species. Such species would include the Indiana and Northern Long-Eared Bat and Massasauga rattlesnakes, as well as other state and federally listed species.

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