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    The Whetstone Highland Mitigation Bank is located along Ford Road, south of the City of Delaware, in Delaware County, Ohio. The site was historically in agricultural production at least since 1939. It was approved and construction began in fall of 2022. The project will restore forested and non-forested wetland habitat, and will eventually be donated to Preservation Parks of Delaware County. It will be open to the public when the mitigation goals are met.

    Hellbranch Run Phase 2 Wetlands Mitigation Bank is a 67.6 acre project located along Amity Road just north of West Broad Street in Galloway, Prairie Township, Franklin County, Ohio. Restoration of high-quality wetlands will take place across the majority of the project’s active restoration area.

  • Stewardship

    Whetstone Highlands Mitigation Bank

    Preservation Parks of Delaware County | Slagle Design

    Long-Term Stewardship provider: Preservation Parks of Delaware County

    Hellbranch Run Phase 2 Mitigation bank- S+W has initiated discussions with Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks, the Long-Term Steward at the nearby Big Darby-Hellbranch Wetlands Mitigation Bank, but no agreements have been executed at this time.

Upper Scioto UMBI

Price: $65,000 Per Acre

The Upper Scioto Umbrella Mitigation Banking Instrument (UMBI) consists of a portfolio of mitigation bank sites and is used for tracking no-net loss of wetland acreage within the watershed.

The 182.5- acre Whetstone Highlands Wetlands Mitigation Bank is the first project to be approved under the Upper Scioto UMBI.

Service Area: Upper Scioto 8-digit HUC (05060001)

Credits currently available at Whetstone Highlands: 0.1

Hellbranch Run-Phase 2 (HBR-P2) Wetland Mitigation Bank is the second mitigation bank approved under the S+W Foundation Upper Scioto UMBI.  The 67.6 acre HBR-P2 site is located in the Upper Scioto watershed (HUC  05060001), Prairie Township, Franklin County, Ohio.

Credits currently available at Whetstone Highlands: 0.6

“Leadership teams of building associations wear many hats. For this reason, we are so grateful to have the expertise of resources like Vince Messerly and the Stream + Wetlands Foundation to help us navigate ever-changing mitigation regulations. The knowledgeable and dedicated staff at S+W provides a great service to our industry and our members. If you need mitigation assistance, I highly recommend you contact Vince and his team!”

Joe Race

Executive Officer

Building Industry Association of Stark & East Central Ohio

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