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    The Granger Wetlands Mitigation Bank is located in Granger Township, Medina County, within the Erie/Ontario Drift and Lake Plain ecoregion. The project restores a diverse assemblage of habitats including forested wetlands, scrub/shrub wetlands, sedge/wet meadows, emergent wetlands and forested uplands.  The site includes a large area of muck soils.  The farm was used for the production of vegetables and row crops for many decades.

    The site contains two areas completely dominated by invasive species, primarily Phalaris arundinacea (Reed Canary grass).  These areas will be rehabilitated to diverse shallow emergent, wet meadow, and scrub/shrub wetlands through invasive vegetation removal and control and supplemental plantings of native plants.

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    Long-Term Owner and Managing Partner: Medina County Park District


Price is $65,000 Per Acre - 150 Acres

Within the Erie/Ontario Drift and Lake Plain ecoregion, the 150-acre Granger Wetlands Mitigation bank, located in Granger Township in Medina County, will restore a vast array of habitats including emergent and wet meadow wetlands, scrub/shrub wetlands, forested wetlands, mosaic of forested wetlands, uplands and hummock-hollow terrain on ground previous farmed for the past several decades.

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Long-term owner and managing partner:

Medina County Park District

“For more than 25 years, the relationship between Davey and Stream + Wetlands Foundation (S+W) has grown exponentially. From providing environmental consulting services to serving as project partners, Davey has collaborated with the S+W team to make every project a success. Vince and his team have been invaluable resources as we work together to recognize and pursue new opportunities.”

Ana Burns, MSES, Senior Area Manager

Davey Resource Group, Inc.

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