Mitigation Banks

Protect, Enhance, Restore Wetlands in Ohio + North Carolina

Mitigation banks are sites where wetlands have been established, restored, or preserved. Each bank provides credits that entities can purchase to satisfy compensatory mitigation requirements. S+W identifies locations that are suitable for the development of mitigation banks and creates and implements the plan to establish the bank.

Our team provides the necessary monitoring of the bank and ensures long-term preservation and management of the site.

Why Banks Are A Preferred Method

For Providing Compensatory Mitigation:

  • The mitigation project is completed in advance of the impacts.
  • They involved more rigorous scientific and technical analysis and planning.
  • They involved larger, more ecologically valuable sites.
  • Credits are released as goals are met so the risk of failure is minimal.
  • Agency resources are limited for review and compliance.
  • Cost-effective for agencies and applicants.
  • Mitigation responsibility is transferred from applicant to sponsor once payment is complete.

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