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  • Site Data

    The Willow Creek Wetland Mitigation Bank is  located in southeastern Portage County within the Erie/Ontario Drift and Lake Plain Ecoregion (EOLP) and more specifically, the Low Lime Drift Plain. This region is characterized by a rolling landscape composed of low rounded hills with scattered end moraines and kettles.  Urban industrial activity is common, as well as dairy, livestock, corn and soybean farming.  The site will re-establish high-quality non-forested and forested wetlands.



  • Stewardship

    Willow Creek is owned by S+W. The intent is for the project to be transferred to the long-term steward upon the completion of monitoring.


Mahoning-Shenango UMBI

Price: $65,000 Per Acre

The Mahoning-Shenango Umbrella Mitigation Banking Instrument (UMBI) will consist of a portfolio of mitigation bank sites and will provide compensatory mitigation to offset unavoidable impacts. The 107.5-acre Willow Creek Wetlands Mitigation Bank is the first project established and operated under the Mahoning-Shenango UMBI.

Service Area: Mahoning River and Shenango River 8-digit HUC (HUCs 05030103 and 05030102)

Credits currently available at Willow Creek Mitigation Bank: 26.6

“For more than 25 years, the relationship between Davey and Stream + Wetlands Foundation (S+W) has grown exponentially. From providing environmental consulting services to serving as project partners, Davey has collaborated with the S+W team to make every project a success. Vince and his team have been invaluable resources as we work together to recognize and pursue new opportunities.”

Ana Burns, MSES, Senior Area Manager

Davey Resource Group, Inc.

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