Price is $55,000 Per Acre/ Credits sold in 1/10 increments

The Pearson Wetlands Mitigation Bank is located in eastern Lucas County, in the city of Oregon. The project includes 150 acres of restored forested wetlands, 3,100 feet of restored stream, 15 acres of restored scrub/shrub and marsh habitats, more than 18 acres of restored wet meadow and native prairie, 20 acres of existing swamp forest and 6.5 acres of existing wet meadow and shallow emergent wetlands.

Credits currently available: 0.0

Long-term owner and managing partner:

Metroparks of the Toledo Area

Black Swamp Conservancy badge
Permanent Conservation Easement held by:

The Black Swamp Conservancy

How The Site Will Be Used: Education + Recreation

The site will include the addition of hiking/biking trails, public parking, picnic areas, and an interpretative area. The Black Swamp Interpretive Area will help to establish a sense of place for visitors and explain why pioneers chose northwest Ohio as their place to settle.

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