Huntington District

Wetland mitigation credits available (as of 6/8/2018) include:

  • Upper Scioto –  45.3 wetland credits (050600)
  • Tuscarawas –  53.1 wetland credits (050400)


Stream mitigation credits available in the Huntington District include:

  • 34,855 in the Upper Scioto service area (05060001)
  • 8,370 in the Lower Scioto service area (05020002)
  • 10,000 in the Paint service area (05060003)
  • 74,774 in the Tuscarawas service area (05040001)
  • 10,000 in the Mohican service area (050400002)
  • 9,367 in the Walhonding service area (05040003)
  • 10,000 in the Muskingum service area (05040004)
  • 25,800 in the Wills Creek service area (05040005)
  • 8,730 in the Licking service area (05040006)

The Huntington in-lieu fee program (ILFP) operates in two service areas in east and central Ohio within the Tuscarawas and Upper Scioto watersheds in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Huntington District. The Steam & Wetlands Foundation ILFP provides third-party compensatory mitigation for unavoidable impacts to wetlands & streams delineated as waters of the United States and waters of the State of Ohio. The ILFP may be used by permit applicants to satisfy the compensatory wetlands mitigation requirements of permits issued under Section 404 and 401 of the Clean Water Act, the Ohio Isolated Wetlands Permit Program (IWP, ORC 6111), and Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act.

The Stream + Wetlands Foundation ILFP operates in two geographically distinct service areas in the Huntington District. The ILFP designates one service area that consists of the Tuscarawas River (05040001) 8-digit HUC watershed and one that consists of the Upper Scioto River (05060001) 8-digit HUC watershed. Each of the 8-digit HUC watersheds also has a secondary service area that includes the remainder of the 6-digit HUC watershed in which each respective 8-digit HUC primary service area occurs (050400 Muskingum for the Tuscarawas service area and 050600 Scioto for the Upper Scioto service area). USACE and/or Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) may authorize the use of the ILFP by permit applicants within the secondary service area on a case by case basis, when other ecologically preferable mitigation is unavailable, and consistent with the watershed approach outlined in 33 CFR 332.8.

Consistent with state law and Ohio USACE and Ohio EPA Guidance, compensatory mitigation for impacts to isolated and jurisdictional Category 1 wetlands of any size and isolated Category 2 wetlands of 0.5 acre or less may be mitigated at any ILFP wetland mitigation project located within the Ohio portion of the Huntington District provided that mitigation credits of the appropriate resource type are not available at an approved mitigation bank.