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    Established in 2001, the restored wetlands at the Trumbull Creek Wetlands Mitigation Bank provide valuable wetlands habitat for a wide array of plants and animals and provide important storm water storage while helping to improve water quality in the Grand River watershed.

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    Long-term owner and managing partner:

Trumbull Creek

The Trumbull Creek Wetlands Mitigation Bank, near Rock Creek, Ohio was established in 2002 by S+W. The project restored approximately 250 acres of wetlands on lands that were previously drained for agricultural purposes. This beautiful restored wetland complex provides valuable habitat and provides water quality benefits in the Grand River watershed and the surrounding communities.

Long-term owner and managing partner:

Ohio Division of Wildlife

“Knowledgeable and accessible are two words that come to mind when I think of Vince Messerly and the Stream + Wetlands Foundation team. They are in a class by themselves with their understanding of wetland and stream mitigation services and all federal regulations that go along with it. Their team is always available to talk through questions and provide information and advice, which is very unique in this industry!”

Benjamin Latoche, Project Manager

HZW Environmental Consultants

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