Stream + Wetlands Foundation receives approval of second ILF stream mitigation program

We are pleased to announce that on April 22, the Huntington Corps District approved the Final Instrument for our stream mitigation in-lieu fee (ILF) program, which encompasses nine of the 8-digit HUC’s located in the Ohio portion of the Huntington Corps District.


Click on the above image to view the interactive map.

“The district engineer has completed authorization of our in-lieu fee program for stream mitigation in the Huntington District and we are eager to start working with our partners to identify and develop high quality stream mitigation sites in these watersheds,” said Stream + Wetlands Foundation (S+W) President Vince Messerly. “This approval allows us to provide a cost-effective compensatory stream mitigation alternative to permit applicants in this part of Ohio.” Cost for the stream mitigation credits will be $230 per linear foot.

In the summer of 2014, S+W received authorization from both the Huntington and Pittsburgh Corps Districts to sponsor wetland ILF programs. In July 2015, S+W received authorization to sponsor an ILF program for impacts to streams and wetlands in the Ohio portion of the Pittsburgh Corps District. To date, these programs have served more than 100 permit applicants.

ILF programs help streamline the permit review and approval process for permit applicants and regulatory agencies. “Once a permit applicant completes acquisition of credits from the ILF program, their responsibility for providing compensatory mitigation is complete – they are not responsible for monitoring, maintenance, or remedial work for the mitigation project,” said Messerly.

At S+W, we are proud to be the first approved entity in Ohio to operate an ILF program since the 2008 federal rule was issued. Contact us to see how our ILF can benefit your organization.