Black Swamp Blues

The name ‘Black Swamp’ conjures images of a boggy quagmire with slippery amphibians and murky waters littered with lily pads and algae. Yet Northwest Ohio is built on this natural resource — one of the region’s most important ones.

Keeping the swamp from vanishing in a rapidly expanding world of highways, shopping centers and residential zones can be a mucky duty. But the Black Swamp Conservancy is willing to wade through … read more >

Governor Strickland signs Executive Order 2008-04S “Implementing Common Sense Business Regulation”

Ohio has a rich history of business innovation and technological advancement. Ohio has long been a state that facilitates and promotes invention and innovation. Consequently, as the States economic landscape becomes increasingly global and diverse, our state government must respond to that diversity by crafting better methods for appropriately regulating entities that conduct business in the state.

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Trumbull Creek Wetlands Mitigation Bank
September 1, 2007

The purpose of a wetlands mitigation bank is clear: to create wetlands to compensate for similar areas that are being disrupted elsewhere by residential or commercial development, infrastructure construction or other uses. But if the purpose of a bank is clear, how best to create one is less so. As more information becomes available, the standards by which a successful wetlands restoration is judged are changing, making the … read more >

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