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    This bank is located immediately north of the intersection of NC Highway 210 and Shaw Highway (SR 1522) approximately 12 miles north of Wilmington, NC, and is situated between Northeast Cape Fear River and the state-protected Holly Shelter Game lands in Pender County. It’s location provides the unique opportunity to be in close proximity to an urban center while, at the same time, being situated between two natural heritage sites (the Northeast Cape Fear River floodplain and the Holly Shelter game lands) that are considered nationally significant (according to the North Carolina Natural Heritage program.)

    The umbrella mitigation banking instrument (UMBI) includes provision for the incorporation of additional mitigation sites to complement the existing Holly Shelter Bay tract.


Northeast Cape Fear

1,000+ Acres of Endemic Wetland + Headwater Stream Habitat

The bank is located in the Northeast Cape Fear River basin (hydrologic unit code 03030007) and services more than 1,740 square miles of land of the outer coaster plain in southeastern North Carolina. Its service area boundaries include the northern limits of the city of Wilmington, northern New Hanover County, Pender County, Duplin County and western Onslow County.

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Contact Information for This Site

Christian Preziosi of Davey Mitigation

Environmental Consultants

3805 Wrightsville Avenue, Suite 15
Wilmington, NC 28403

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The bank is owned and operated by Shaw Highway Properties, LLC.

Functional Benefits From This Restoration + Preservation Work Include:

  • Floodwater attenuation and increased nutrient/sediment retention with associated water quality improvements.
  • Restoration and protection of refuge and foraging habitat for resident and transient fauna including black bear, American alligator, pygmy rattlesnake and the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker.
  • A protective habitat corridor between two natural heritage sites considered to be nationally significant (the Northeast Cape Fear River floodplain and the Holly Shelter game lands).


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