Ohio Wetlands Team Selected for ODOT Stream Mitigation Project

Stream + Wetlands (formerly Ohio Wetlands Foundation) teamed with Wetlands Resource Center to pursue the recently issued Request for Letters of Interest (LOI) to provide 65,296 feet of compensatory stream mitigation for Phases 2 and 3 of the Portsmouth Bypass Project (SCI-823, Portsmouth Bypass, PID No. 19415). The Wetlands Resource Center/Ohio Wetlands Foundation team was selected from a field of four respondents as the best qualified team to complete the required amount of stream mitigation. The stream mitigation project will include nearly 20,000 feet of restored/enhanced stream and more than 40,000 feet of protected high quality ephemeral and intermittent stream. Wetlands Resource Center will be led by Cal Miller and Ohio Wetlands Foundation will be led by Vince Messerly on this very important project. The conceptual stream mitigation plan is due to be submitted by May 23, and final mitigation plan documents are to be delivered by August 1.