Van Ostran presents at Ohio Stormwater Conference

Aaron Van Ostran presented at the 2015 Ohio Stormwater Conference. He presented with Jackie Haynal from Jobes Henderson and Denise Crews with the City of Lancaster. The title of the presentation is “Deeds Wetlands and Floodplain Restoration: A passive and economic approach to floodplain and wetlands restoration.”

The presentation will present a case study of a restoration project for the City of Lancaster, funded by an Ohio EPA Storm Water Improvement Fund (SWIF). The goal of the project is to convert 58 acres of farm land along the Hocking River, separated by levees. A new berm was constructed, field tile disabled, microtopograhy restoration, levee breached, and minimal seeding. The project uses innovative engineering and construction methods to maximize the grant dollars and relies primarily on natural succession to promote habitat restoration.