Wetland Credit Release in the Grand River Watershed

Stream + Wetlands Foundation is excited to announce the regulatory approval of our Hemlock Swamp Wetland Mitigation Bank in Ashtabula County, Ohio. The 147-acre site is located in the Grand River watershed (HUC 04110004) and will generate forested and non-forested wetland mitigation credits that can be used for Section 404/401 and Ohio isolated wetland permits.

The project preserved a high-quality, groundwater fed, hemlock swamp community. This type of wetland is unique in Ohio, only occurring within the lake plain or Grand River lowlands in Ashtabula County in the far northeast corner of the State. Hemlock swamps are regularly targeted for conservation because they support impressive vegetative diversity while regularly providing habitat for rare, threatened, or endangered species.

Contact Kellie Griffin to inquire about credit availability for your project.